Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ITquotes takes client information very seriously, here is our straight forward Privacy Policy on what we DO and DON’T do with your information. If there are any questions or violations of this policy please contact us.

What information is collected?

  • We collect information from website traffic, quote forms, follow-up calls, and order processing including web statistics, site, service, and contact information. Credit and financial information is only collected during the order process.

How is the information used?

  • The information is used to price out site and service specific telecom solutions as well as order services from the telecom providers.

What website information is collected?

  • We collect information of website traffic for the purpose of understanding website users. The information collected is based on Google analytics tracking.

Who will I be contacted by once I submit a quote request?

  • ITquotes will be the single point of contact from quote request to ordering services. We do not share your information with our providers other than to price out solutions and order services. You will not be contacted by a telecom provider during the pre-order pricing process.

Do you sell my information to any third party?

  • Absolutely not.

Will my information be used for marketing purposes?

  • We do use information collected to follow-up on quote requests and inform clients of services that might be of benefit. You can opt out of any future correspondences by email reply or contact us.

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