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Business Cable Bundle

Business Class Cable Bundle is a high speed cable connection providing bandwidth of 1Mbps to 100Mbps or more, along with TV and phone service. Cable bundles are used by businesses to combine the costs of the different services into one plan, providing additional savings versus standalone services.  Besides high speed Internet, TV and phone service other applications typically include email, file sharing, data backup, video, or VPN access.  Business Cable Internet service has a high download speed with a slower upload speed, also called an asymmetrical connection. This type of business cable service is ideal for large file downloads and web browsing.  With TV service there are options for standard channels as well as digital, HD, and premium plans.  Phone service is available in a number of configurations including ISDN PRI, digital and regular analog lines with calling features.   Calling plans also include choices for minute bundles or unlimited calling.  Business Class Cable Bundles are typically ideal for home offices and small businesses looking to balance both services, speed, and cost.  Cable Bundles for Business are also known as Business Class Cable Bundles, Business Cable Packages, Wideband Bundles, Single Play, Double Play, or Triple Play Bundles.

Business Cable Bundle Pricing

Business Cable Bundle Applications

  • Internet Access, TV, Phone
  • Email
  • File Sharing
  • Data Backup
  • Video
  • VPN Access

Business Cable Package Features

  • High Download Speeds - Asymmetrical
  • Combined Service Plans - Small Business Value
  • 1Mbps to 100Mbps+ Bandwidth
  • Digital and HD TV
  • ISDN PRI, Digital, Analog Phone Lines
  • Calling Features & Unlimited Calling Plans
  • Static IP’s
  • Email, Web Hosting, Online Backup
  • VPN, Security

Business Cable Bundle Information

  • Business Class Cable, TV, Phone
  • Single, Double, Triple Play Bundles
  • Wideband Internet Access
  • Leading National Cable Providers
  • Time Warner, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Cablevision, Suddenlink

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