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Audio and Web Conferencing Service

Audio and Web Conferencing Service is a telephone and Internet conferencing solution that combines both services into one integrated conferencing solution. Audio Web Conferencing service allows you to use traditional telephone access for the audio conference portion by dialing a toll-free or direct dial in conference call phone number. Audio and Web Conferencing can be done as scheduled, or reservationless, with operator assisted conferencing available. Audio Conferencing participants are bridged together seamlessly with the Internet web conferencing portion providing the visual participation. Many audio web conference providers offer VOIP web conferencing which allows use of the Internet for the audio conference portion using VOIP conferencing technology. Audio and Web Conferencing is used by businesses to remotely present, share, and collaborate on different applications including documents, web sites, data files, video, emails, and reduce the time and cost of business travel for meetings. Additional audio web conferencing features include the option to record Internet web conferences, annotate, participant Q&A, chat, and polling. Audio and Web Conferencing service is also known as Audio Teleconferencing, Phone Conference Calling, Telephone Conference Calling, Desktop Conferencing, Internet Conferencing, Webmeeting, or Webinar.

Audio and Web Conferencing Pricing

Audio and Web Conferencing Applications

  • Phone & Online Meetings
  • Sharing, Collaborating, Presenting Data
  • Website Tours
  • Sales Presentations
  • Working Remotely

Audio and Web Conferencing Features

  • Toll Free Conference Calling
  • Dial In Conference Calling
  • Reservationless Conference Calling
  • Scheduled Conference Calling
  • Operator Assisted Conferencing
  • VOIP Web Conferencing
  • Audio Web Video Conferencing
  • Recorded Conference Call
  • Annotate, Q&A, Polling, Chat

Audio and Web Conferencing Service Information

  • Audio and Web Conferencing
  • Audio Teleconferencing
  • Phone Conference Calling
  • Telephone Conference Calling
  • Desktop Conferencing
  • Internet Conferencing
  • Webmeeting
  • Webinar

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